Marissa Carter On How To Master The Perfect Fake Tan!

With the summer sun coming to an end, we’re looking to keep our bronzed skin. Thankfully, that sun-kissed glow we all know & love can be found in a bottle. Whether you wish to have bronzed skin before donning your bikini or simply want to keep your tan topped up all summer long, here are some of Marissa Carter’s top tips for getting a flawless finish.

Prepping your skin

A fake tan is only as perfect as the skin it is applied to, which is why having soft, smooth, hydrated skin before false tanning is key. Exfoliate well the day before you apply self-tan, paying particular attention to areas such as heels, ankles, knees, elbows and hands, as these are the telltale areas that tan clings to if they’re rough and dry. I recommend waxing two days prior to tanning, or shaving the day before. On tanning day, don’t exfoliate, but do use an oil-free body moisturiser, which will hydrate skin but won’t act as a barrier to your tan.


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Always use a tanning mitt to apply – using the mitt, start at the feet and work your way up the body, applying the tan in circular motions and ensuring you cover every area with the same amount of product. And use a flat head, stippling foundation brush to buff tan onto your face, hands and feet.


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Tan Remover

Whether it’s removing days-old tan or fixing a streaky mistake, taking off tan properly is just as important as applying it. Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Fresh Start Tan Eraser removes all traces of tan in under five minutes. The fast-working formula is tough on tan yet gentle on the most sensitive skin.


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