Did you know all of your different tweezers have different uses?

Chances are you have more than one type of tweezer either at home or in your bag. Although they may look similar it turns out each of them has very different uses.
If you have trouble tidying up your brows, finding it too painful or always take too much off, chances are you’re simply using the wrong tweezer.

Each tweezer’s use depends on the tip of the utensil and what shape it is, understanding this can make life a lot easier and upgrade your tweezer game forever.

Angled Tip Tweezer

This tweezer is perfect for your brows! It is great for precise plucking when you have a particular area that needs fixing up.

It’s important to remember that tweezers aren’t just for brows as this angled tip can be used for eyelash application too.

Pointed Tip Tweezer

This slim point-shaped utensil is perfect for stubborn hairs, so if you have that one annoying hair that’s out of place, this is the one you need. The thin point is perfect for ultimate precision and the ultimate perfectionist.

Precision Tweezer

The precision tweezer is a combination of the pointed and angled tweezers above and allows for good control, so if you have a shaky hand or a bit of a novice, this is a good one to start with.

Classic Tweezers

The one you probably the most common of them all, the classic tweezer removes a lot of hair at once so it’s perfect for it you are trying to tackle your unruly brows.

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